Sunday, December 30, 2007

to Jessica C. from Harmony Y.

A wooden wall hanging with the letter C on it for their last name. I did it in
her favorite colors.

to Paige C. from Melinda T.

to Jessica B. from Andrea R.

to Melinda T. from Jessica C.

to Amanda L. from Anita K.

To Jinii B. From Chris R.

A bracelet and matching earrings made of glass beads and swarovski crystals in sage.

from Camielle A. to Lisa P.

The gift includes some yummy cookie making necessities: a spatula, a cookie
mat, a cookie cutter, a cookie scoop, some chocolate chips and a yummy little
cookie recipe book.

to Rachael R. from Laurie A.

It is a recipe binder with dividers. I also included my collection of
tried-and-true recipes, as well as extra protectors so she can add her own
favorites in.

to Kim W. from: Chelsea F.

to Traci B. from Elisa R.

to Heather S. from Jinii B.

Heather said her favorite color was any shade of blue. I included a beautiful necklace of all shade of blue made by Dana of Charmed Designs. There is also a holiday Snoopy Doll to incorporate into her favorite holiday tradition of reenacting the dinner from the Peanuts Thanksgiving special. I also made some magnets with each of her kids╩╝ names to display their artwork or school work on her fridge. You always have to put something sweet in a gift so I added some Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

to Angie G. from Melissa W.

They are aprons...for Angie and her daughters and then a gift basket with an ornament, cookie cutters, sprinkles, Texas wall hanging, a brownie mix, and her favorite...M & M’s.

to Nicole B. from Shauna R.

This gift for Nicole is an apron that I decorated and hand-stamped recipe cards. Happy Cooking!

to Michelle M. from Patsy M.

to Kacey M.from Amanda L.

The apron I sewed for Kacey. I embroidered her initials as well.

to Heather H. from Annalisa F.

to Autumn M. from Cassie L.

to Stephanie S from Lauralee C.

to Rachella M. from Dana L.

to Roshelle E. from Leslie T.

The first part of the gift is a wall hanging with little sheets of metal attached where you can post pictures using magnets.

to Amy B. from Amy S.

The second part is 5 X 7 letter plaques of Amy’s daughter’s name. When I looked on Amy’s blog, I was most impressed with how much Gracie meant to her, so I knew she had to be part of this gift.

to Chanel P. from Joslyn N.

to Dana L. from Kara K.

Included in the gift is two painted frames, one painted canvas, a tile that
reads "WISEMEN still seek Him", and some custom note cards featuring a nativity
scene with "The Leach Family" printed on them.

to Elizabeth M. from Jannet M.

One is a homemade board book just ready for elizabeth to put photos in. and the other is a wall-mounted calendar. there are hearts for her to fill out with family’s names and birthdates and then hang them under the corresponding month.

to Cristina M. from Heather M.

Neighbor Jane Payne subscription, metal Quail family for garden.

to Laurie A. from Kathleen P.

to Kelly from Rebecca N.

I made a quilted "framed art" or "wall hanging" or "pillow" or whatever she
wants to turn it into. I would choose framed art but left it unframed for her to
decide. It could be a cute memo board too.

I also made a small tote for each of her girls with their initial on the front.

And finally a set of 10 cards and envelopes.

to Adrienne E. from Faith W.

Personalized notepad and address labels from my
favorite stationery shop and handmade bracelet
(components: sterling silver, freshwater pearls and
swarovski crystals)

to Rita G. from Rachel W.

to Rebecca P. from Isaura P.

to Jennifer C. from Amanda S.

to from RoRo I.

...of course I cross-stitch and crochet a lot better than I sew, hopefully she will
over look that!

to Jane Payne from Kelly N.

to Cara from Carlo