Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Tiffany from Robin
made Tiffany an applique cross tee and a monogrammed blanket! She said
she loves to cook with her girls, so I also sent her a great cookbook
(Southern Sideboards)! Hope she enjoys it!
To Elizabeth from Missy
Included in the package are a re-usable market shopping tote, a sassy apron for Erin, a coordinating craft apron for her little girl, Elizabeth, and a Christmas pillow!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

To Erin From Bree C.

Since she loves red I made that my theme. And I thought since she was a busy
mom she needed some things for herself. So I made some crochet flower hairpins, a red
necklace, crochet earrings and some lotions and some Christmas ornaments. I hope she liked it!
To Angela S. From Diana H.

I made a photo frame for her with the words "Our Journey" on it because she and her husband enjoy so many different activities together, and she enjoys taking pictures. I also included a jar of silk flowers for her to use with her scrapbooking.

Friday, December 26, 2008

To Sherry R From Beth S -
Sherry loves vintage things, so I made this necklace and bracelet and found this handmade ornament.
To Lauralee C. from Jennifer W.

A large zipper pouch, a monogrammed Keychain, a pink and green tissue holder, a monogrammed notepad and some red twine and scalloped tags.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

To Jen from Nicole
It is a Vegan Baking book with a homemade half apron. It was a blast creating a gift for someone.

To Lori B. From Tiffany T.

to Ellie from Cindy

to Laurie from Andrea

A Recipe book with some of Andrea's favorites.

To Cristin D. From Elizabeth P.
to Eva G. From Jenny S.
It is a wooden flipbook Album

To Autumn From Anne P.

To Whitney W. From Danielle C.

I sent Whitney a set of blocks that say Noel, a children's book (a family tradition of ours is to collect one each year), paraffin hand cream (Whitney is a doctor and I sure washes her hands a lot and may need some TLC) and I sent her an embroidery that I made with a quote from one of my favorite songs "O, Holy Night".
I knew Whitney in high school but haven't talked to her since then. It was really fun to be able to give someone I knew a Pink Christmas gift.
To Nicole B. From Jill S.

to Liz B. from Becky R.

To Lyssa H. From Holly A
Hand drawn and sewn notecards from Melimba & a "Pink Christmas" Bracelet.
To Nichole From Carlo Z.
*Handmade cards by Carlo + personalized Good Mail labels by the GoodMail Queen
*Shopping journal crafted with a handy envelope inside for coupons and receipts for her annual Black Friday shopping trip
*The Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa take out box: complete with mix, Mint Kisses, + peppermint sprinkes
*A pink sparkly snowflake photo ornament crafted for Nichole to fill with a picture of her choosing
*A few of Nichole's fave things: a variety of Ritter Sport bars + Sweet Mint gum
*A bag of pink and green M&M's (one of my favorite things!)

to Michelle A. from Stacy H.

to Melissa S. From Kristen H.

To Denise From Liz H.

It's a metal "board". I made flowers with clips to hang cute stuff and pictures.

To Nik from Ashley
I made Nik a Journal Jar with TONS of ideas for writing in her new journal.
I also threw in some of my favorite candles from my hometown in TN. My
thought was for her to take some time for herself- light a candle, and

To Misty W. From Desiree B.

To Heather B. From Becca S.

I made her a book to record special events for each of her family
members, as well as a little 'Remember' notebook for her to carry in
her bag or somewhere where she can have it to record funny moments she
doesn't want to forget. Then the homemade photo album is to tie that
together as she can put her family photos in it and record some of
those moments through pictures.

To Amanda L. from Shauna H.

I sent Amanda L. this framed Nativity made from Cotton Paper in a terra cotta paper mold. This is my favorite handmade gift to give each year. I also sent her one of my favorites, Toblerone candy, in her favorite, dark chocolate.

To Roxanne D. from Suzanne
To Jennifer R. from Kristy F.

I sent Jennifer an apron of 2 of her favorite colors lime green and brown, an USA banner since her husband is in the military and one of her favorite treats chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

To Sherri P from Sherri D

A family sized weekly calendar with matching clipboard, a small pottery cross, an initialed luggage tag, a primitive star, a notepad set with "pink christmas" trees on it, a wooden candy cane ornament, a picture frame, and of course a bag of winter colored M&M's.

To Terre from JoEllen

To Allison from Valerie W

To Shawn from Cyndi Barker
Photo #1 -Wooden BELIEVE sign made for my pink sister
Photo #2 -Super sassy (reversible) apron made for my partner plus some goodies for her and her 2 darling daughters
To Deanna P from Jennifer C

I sent Deanna a cute snowman glass ornament, a woodem wall plaque with her last name and all of her family members's names and I made her a tumbled marble photo stone out of a family picture that I swiped off her blog :-)