Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pink Christmas - What is it?

Pink Christmas is a annual Girlfriend Give and Get. You make a handmade Christmas Gift(or you can purchase a handmade gift from one of our sponsors if you want to join but don't think you are crafty) for a mystery girlfriend around the world and another girlfriend will be making something for you - only to opened on Christmas morning.

It is only an optional $15.00 donation to sign up. Sign up fee is donated to the Pink Christmas Family or individual for 2008.

Each year the funds collected for sign ups are given to a family to give them a "Pink Christmas" If you have a family or individual who could benefit from being this years family please email us at apinkchristmas@yahoo - and write nominate in the subject line.

Do you want to be a Pink Christmas Sponsor? Sponsorship is $30.00 and 100% of your sponsorship goes to pay for every one's awesome Pink Envelope that everyone will get in the mail revealing to them their Girlfriend for Christmas. In that envelope you will be able to send ANYTHING that fits in a large envelope to promote your company - coupons, free shipping a sampling of your product - get creative because that Pink Envelope is like early Christmas for all who sign up. You will also be added to the sidebar of Pink Christmas and gets lots of bragging on this blog and my personal blog. if you want to be a sponsor email us at apinkchristmas@yahoo.com and write sponsor in the subject line

Sign ups will open at 8:00 am on July 1st and run through July 15th. So tell your friends.
You will also get the new 2008 graphic "Last year my Christmas was Pink" to put on your side bar. Or you can get the cute new line of T-shirts coming out this fall.
Make this Christmas special by making a handmade gift and donating a small amount of money to really make someones Christmas special.