Tuesday, December 26, 2006

to Jill from Stacy
to Angie from Dede

Monday, December 25, 2006

to Kristi from Sydney
to Claudia from Kristi
I can't believe this but I deleted the photos of my gift after I had sent them. I monogrammed a cream colored "Soupie" Everyone in our family has their own snugglie blanket that we call our "soupie" So I monogrammed one with Claudia's monogram and the Pink Christmas 2006.
to Heather C. from Shawna B.
to Elisa N. from Kaite B.

to Liz B from Elisa R.
to Amanda S. from Amy M.
to Jordan B. from Hannah C.
to Jordan M. from Laurie B.
To Jenny C. from Jane P.
to Elisa R. from Lara A.
to Stacy from Jill

to Hannah C. from Liz H.
to Jane P. from Michelle O

to Chelsea F. from Jordan M.
to Laurie B. from Rebbecca S.
to Amie A. from Amanda L.

to Amanda L. from Liz B.
to Tasha from Claudia
the floral arrangement
to Anne C. from Amy W.
to Kim from Mindy
to Rebecca from Julia

to Chanel from Holly L
to Christina from Tasha
to Melanie B. from Amanda S.