Tuesday, December 26, 2006

to Angie from Dede


Angie said...

I love my pink Christmas gifts DeDe. I am so in love with the pink & brown Gap bag and can't wait to try it out. The lotion smells SOOOOO yummy, and am looking forward to a quiet bath with the strawberries & cream bath confetti. I am totally addicted to the lip gloss and have put it on several times today. I love the scarf and hat and even took a picture of myself wearing it yesterday. I always have felt a little silly in hats but this one actually looked cute.

Thanks for everything and for being my pink Christmas girlfriend. I'll think of you whenever I use everything you gave me.

I almost forgot about all of my yummy candy treats. I love them, they are all of my favorites!!

Tons of Hugs from Texas!

Jill said...

What cute stuff!

Jenny said...

Cute stuff.

Just Being Me said...

Very adorable stuff.