Thursday, December 25, 2008

To Nichole From Carlo Z.
*Handmade cards by Carlo + personalized Good Mail labels by the GoodMail Queen
*Shopping journal crafted with a handy envelope inside for coupons and receipts for her annual Black Friday shopping trip
*The Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa take out box: complete with mix, Mint Kisses, + peppermint sprinkes
*A pink sparkly snowflake photo ornament crafted for Nichole to fill with a picture of her choosing
*A few of Nichole's fave things: a variety of Ritter Sport bars + Sweet Mint gum
*A bag of pink and green M&M's (one of my favorite things!)


Lauralee said...

love those cards.. and personalized labels are so fun to use!

Jill said...

Carlo is so thoughtful, this looks like a happy bonanza!