Thursday, December 25, 2008

To Anne C. from Jennifer V.

At first I was so intimidated to create something for Anne because she seems much chic-er and way more edgy that I am. Anne seems to like a much more city-girl type of creation than I thought I could come up with. So naturally, I put it off. But the cool thing was that the longer I waited and the more I read Anne's blog I felt like I totally got to know her from a stalker in the shadows kind of way! Anne loves to run and really seems to find joy in the challenge of her several past marathons and I'm sure big plans for the future. I admire this spirit in Anne and wanted to give her something to walk by each day to remind her of her goals and also her achievements. I hope this works, Anne. Keep on running, Girl!

(This is a embroidered cloth stretched on canvas)


stacy{s} said...

I love this. Very chic.

Jill said...

I think this is very personal and very cool!

denise said...

Love this idea! What a great gift.