Friday, October 24, 2008

Posted with permission by Laura Marne

Ode to Pink Christmas

Several weeks ago, I was working on things and thinking about when my Pink Christmas envelope would arrive. This little poem made its way into my head. Let me tell you, I am horrid with poetry (and writing, for that matter). I don't really enjoy it because I usually don't understand it. My husband, who is wonderful at writing anything, was pretty impressed with my attempt. I thought all you Pink Christmas gals might get a kick out of it. So, here it is.

Ode to Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas I saw in Feb. 2008
But alas, it was o’er;
I’d found it too late.

Pink Christmas had photos of gifts galore.
Posted on their blog;
What could these be for?

Pink Christmas I’ll try, I said to myself.
Next year I will be,
Someone’s Pink Christmas elf.

Pink Christmas, it slipped far from my mind.
Then blog hopping one day,
What did I find?

Pink Christmas sign-ups occur in July.
Remember next year,
To give it a try.

Pink Christmas does good for a family in need
Gals sign up to help
Such a wonderful deed.

Pink Christmas picks a family to help each year
Donations are sent,
To spread Christmas cheer.

Pink Christmas does more than you bargained for
Because it connects girls
From shore to shore.

Pink Christmas sends letters with goodies inside
Each gal gets a girlfriend
To send a surprise.

Pink Christmas we do to help out mankind.
There’s no greater service;
The joy we find!

If you aren't participating in Pink Christmas this year, make sure you sign up next year! I've had such a blast so far, and the fun is just beginning!

Thanks Laura for this nice poem.


Tänia said...

I has just read this last night at Laura's site and got a kick out of it.

Thank you for sharing!

DEANNA said...

I love this poem. I seriously have no idea if I signed up for Pink Christmas or not but if I didn't... I for sure will next year... because there really is no other kind of Christmas!!!