Wednesday, December 26, 2007

to Jennifer v. from Stacy S.

It is a 12"x24" canvas covered with fabric turned into a magnet board
with some modge podge and sheet metal. It can be hung vertical or
horizontal depending on where she has to hang it. Their are
rectangles of fabric that can be moved around with tiny magnets to
create pockets. There are two monogrammed magnetic paper clips and
two monogrammed binder clips. There are some monogramed stationary
cards. There is also a magnetic tin holding small sized matching pens
and pencils as well as a magnetic retractable pen holder to keep a
pen handy for the note cards.

8 comments: said...

WOW!! The fabric on this is beautiful!!!

Jennifer said...

I was so excited to open this that I saved it for my last gift on Christmas morning-even after my husband's gift! I was not to be disappointed. I love this cool board and I have exactly the perfect place in our new house to put it. I will see it every day and be so happy to be connected to such an amazing and talented group of women-thank you so much for taking such care with my amazing gift!

Price Cream Parlor said...

What a great idea!

Liz said...

That is super cool! Lucky girl!

Traci said...

Such a fun and cute idea- love it!

stacy{s} said...

jennifer: i'm so glad you like it! i love that fabric and it had all the colors you mentioned you liked in it. ( i too have no real "favorite" color ) i hope you have a place to hang it. thanks for the opportunity to have some creative fun. yea kristi!!!! thanks for all your pink christmas hard work.

Lauralee said...

that is amazing.. how creative.. and it is so beautiful!

Kelly said...

Brilliant idea, and it's so cute, too. I love that fabric.