Friday, December 28, 2007

to Melanie B. from Sunshine S.

She likes clean sheets and freshly shaven legs- thus a new razor and shave gel.

She doesn’t sleep well and likes to read cook books when she can’t sleep- so...the "Fix it and Forget it" (Only five ingredients for each recipe since she will be having a baby in just a month or so)

The only home made part of my gift is the "family jar". She expressed her love
for President Hinckley, her desire to read her scriptures more and her love for
her children and want for being more patient. Seeing as she will just have had
a baby....I took the jar...decorated it with "family" and put two months worth
of quotes and scriptures from President Hinckley, his sweet wife Marjorie Pay
Hinckley and other great leaders...the idea was, while she will be spending
much time with her new little one, she can grab a quick scripture, thought,
"mommy motivation" each day for a couple months


carlo said...

oh my goodness- what a thoughtful gift. sunshine you really did a great job!

Price Cream Parlor said...

That is a great and thoughtful gift! I love the quote jar! What a fantastic idea! I use that cookbook on occassion - you gotta love anything that is quick and easy!

Kara said...

I love how you really did something suited for HER! Great ideas on the scripture/quote jar. Also, I will be picking up that recipe book soon! Thanks

Autumn said...

you are too much! you need to start sharing your ideas with your good friends! great gift!

Jenny said...

That is such a great gift!! How very fitting for their family.

Lauralee said...

such a thoughtful gift! love the quote jar.. so cute and inspirational!

i'm kelly said...

love the "family" jar... such a fun take on the old quote a day calendars!

Kelly said...

What a thoughtful gift! The jar is fantastic.

Liz said...

Great ideas! I love everything that you put into this gift for Melanie! So thoughtful!