Friday, December 28, 2007

to Amanda H. from Liz H.

Here are the instructions for these little boards I did:

Task/Chore Board

You put the tasks to be completed on the board with the "task" side showing. When the child finishes the task, they turn that card over to show they have completed it. It works great in the mornings when we are getting ready for school so that I don’t have to constantly be reminding them what they should be doing next.

You can also use this board in their bedroom to hang jewelry and stuff on.

Steps for the board:

1. Sand board(8x18 inches)

2. Paint edge black(or other coordinating color)

3. Cut paper to fit board and glue down.

4. Gently sand paper and ink edges.

5. Mark where you need to drill holes for the hooks by using a poster board as a template.

6. Screw in hooks.

7. Apply vinyl lettering.

8. Tie Ribbon or use other embellishments.

9. Nail picture hangers onto back of board to hang.

Steps for the cards:

1. Get those great little countertop samples(FREE) at Home Depot.

2. Cut paper to size and glue.

3. Using paper hole punch cut holes at top.

4. Put the task on the card. You can hopefully find pictures online or if your child is a reader then just print them of the computer before cutting. I found pictures on The Idea Door for this board since the girls were pretty young.


carlo said...

fantastic idea for a busy mum!

Chris said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing the instructions with all of us. I think my kids could use them.

Lauralee said...

awesome idea!

Cristina Mathers said...

that was super cool. i want to make them now!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Oh, I think that she will really enjoy using this! What a great idea!

Marla said...

Oh what a beautiful gift...and thank you for the instructions!

Liz said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

How PERFECT is this idea?! I am going to the Home Depot today! Thanks so very much for sharing - cuz my chore charts are not working well and this one will!